Born into a family of Artisans.

Since he was eleven years old has grown into him the passion for the ancient art of sardinian knives.

This passion was passed down from a great master of this art, his father, Vincenzo Bissenti Flumini.

Vincenzo was born in Pirri, like his son Manolo, in the populous district of Cagliari, where he has been one of the first cutlers of this area of Sardinia called Campidano. His knives, real works of art, has always been limited and unique pieces, built only on order.

In the production of Bissenti could not miss the knives that characterise more than anything else the island tradition: "the ancient forge Sardinian Knives”.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Manolo in the 2003 began to work on his own, opening his “old style” artisan workshop.

Manual dexterity, originality and passion characterize his creations, unique Sardinian knives of very high quality.

Since he was very young he joined the "Italian corporation of cutlers”.

The workshop where Manolo Flumini creates the knives is located in Pirri, in a small workshop, where with a few of raw tools and machinery, carries on his work, with the help of his brother Ivano Flumini,, which it’s also his learner, trying everyday to improve his work and his artistic techniques for this ancient art.


All the knives are handmade with valuable materials such as ram's horn and ivory, precious woods, damask blades in stainless steel and carbon.

Many articles and photos of his knives are published in specialized magazines such as: “Lame d’autore”, “L’arte del coltello”, “Coltello Artigianale”, “Resolzas” and “Sentieri di caccia”.

He also participated in the largest knives world exposition, the S.I.C.A.C.A. in Paris.